Happy Sunday everyone!

As many of you are aware, I am in the final stages of my feature film debut 'Haven'. You can also read the web story prequel for it online here. As the days go on and our release gets closer and closer to a date I can't help but feel excited and anxious. Excited, because I can't wait for everyone to see it. Excited, because this was such a project that a lot of people put their hearts and souls into. Excited, because an idea that was hatched over lunch in Carmel, Indiana is now becoming a reality. Anxious, because this is my first feature and I just want people to enjoy my story. Anxious, because it is really important to me and a few others who have put a lot of effort into the film. Including Darren Lee Cupp, actor and producer for Haven.

We hatched the idea for Haven over lunch in Carmel. My short 'The Setup' had been on youtube for a bit getting close to 3,000 views fairly quickly. I was proud of that, considering what we had when we made that film. Watching it now, it seems like I was a child compared to where I am now.  Darren had seen that and got the idea of making a new film. He reached out to me, as a producer does, and we had lunch. I got to writing after a discussion we had and had a rough treatment the same day. Had a rough draft for the script later that week. We ended up deciding to make it longer and within two weeks I had the full script done. 

Darren had a lot to do with 'Haven' getting made and although I am the major creative force behind the project's inception, Darren made 'Haven' happen. So obviously I am excited and anxious that our project is now coming together. I really enjoyed making the film, as hard as it was and I learned so much. I think back to 'Haven' like it was so long ago, but it is only because I learned so much by making it. I always try to look at every mistake as a lesson, and I am never shy to admit when I make those mistakes. 

In the end, I hope what I have said or done inspires you to aim for the stars with your own personal projects. I am so happy that I can write scripts and make them a reality through the support of my friends and business partners. You can do it too!

Enjoy the day, and count every blessing.

- RJ