Updates on Haven and Sleep Paralysis

Hey everybody!

Thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to give out the great news of all the great stuff that is happening in the past couple of weeks! For those who haven't found out on the Haven Facebook page yet, Haven should be released to Digital HD on iTunes and Amazon this August (2018)! Awesome news! No need to pre-order just when it drops, be there to get it! Then enjoy it in its HD glory.

As for Sleep Paralysis, it has been registered for the Circle City Film Festival here in Indianapolis, IN and the High Arts Festival in Akron, Ohio! More festivals will be added to the circuit it will be doing including some possible overseas festivals.

If you didn't catch it, The Devil's Hand can be viewed on this website through our YouTube page. That one is totally free to watch! So be sure to head over there, check it out, give it a like and subscribe! 


Have a great day!

- RJ