I love to travel! I do a lot of eating and diving when I am out and I love sharing my adventures. Mainly because I want more people to dive with and more people to tell me where I can dive... but still, for great food, great views, and great dives PUSH ON!

Eating is a great way to connect with local culture. Despite my dietary restrictions (mainly no pork) I do try to branch out and eat all kinds of different things from the places that I go. I even ate Balut in the Philippines once... ugggh. Do not recommend it. Even still, most of my culinary experiences have been positive and I can't wait to share more with you.

Scuba diving is one of my favorite leisure activities. If I could scuba dive every day I absolutely would. There is no freedom like scuba and anytime I travel my first question is "Where can I dive?". The Ocean is a whole new world and I love sharing information about my dives. 

I will be publishing some of my recent travels backdated on here and some of the photos and information still fresh in my mind before I start my new adventures.

That's all for now, keep in touch!